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The SINGULAR goal of Designer’s Room To help you maintain the momentum you need to grow your business to success.

Designer’s Room is the only private community of its kind that pre-qualifies its members, and is dedicated to helping interior designers deepen their level of mastery in their business.

With the live coaching calls, each month you get to focus your efforts on the areas that require more attention and detail inside your business. We cover topics such as marketing, finding new clients, internal checklists, software, outsourcing & growing a team, revisions, sales strategies & tips, and so much more. This membership is built by YOU and your business needs.

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I’m so thankful for the Designer’s Room; I have met so many wonderful and inspiring boss ladies that have made me feel seen and heard. No question is too silly, no judgment, just straight-up positive honesty!

My business has grown leaps and bounds, since taking POP and I continue to grow and break through those ceilings with all the tangible takeaways I continue to gain from the Designer’s Room.

Sarah Bilicki

Sarah Elizabeth Interiors

Designer’s room for me is so many things – my sounding board, support group, and waterfall of knowledge (cause fountain is not powerful enough to describe it)! Being a member of this team has allowed me to grow professionally at a rate that I never would have as a solopreneur! It has been and continues to be, a very rewarding investment for me.

Betty Simtikidis

Simply Designed by Bett

Before I tell you all about this life-changing membership, let’s talk about who this is really for…

Designer’s Room is for interior designers at all different levels who joined Power of Process with a vision and goal and are committed to making it happen. 


Designers Room was literally made for you if…

You’re still slowly but surely working your way through Power of Process (even if that’s a recommitment after leaving POP on the shelf for longer than you’d like to admit) and you know extra support, accountability, and community is what you need to reach your goals.


You are focusing on refining your process and other internal systems to be able to attract your ideal clients and work on projects that light you up.


You want to grow your business beyond what it is right now! You made the commitment to POP already, and now you’re ready to reinvest in your business and continue leveling up as an interior designer and entrepreneur.


You’re committed to making every year in business better than the last, be it in increasing your revenue, working on better projects, improving the quality of service you provide, or simply harmonizing your professional and personal lives. 

Designer’s Room isn’t about doing more, it’s about implementing what you already know.

We created this membership to complement what you’re already learning and implementing in Power of Process. To keep you accountable year-round and help you dive further into the areas you want to work on. The goal is to save you time by learning from each other so that you can truly focus on right now and make life a whole lot simpler.

Whether you’re in your first year of business or year 10, Designer’s Room is organized into 4 pillars of content to keep us focused and strategically tackle every area of business.

Story of Transformation

Being a member of Rebecca Hay’s Designers Room has single-handedly kept my energy up and the momentum going in my business after wrapping up her two courses. This group gives direct and consistent access to Rebecca who is always available and willing to answer all of my big and small questions that come up in real time.

But what’s even better, is the other members who give feedback, and advice, and share how they run their businesses. Many have even become friends and make being a solo entrepreneur feel a lot less lonely.

I can say it truly is the best investment in my business and myself that I’ve made to date. My business looked and felt a lot different before my work with Rebecca and her community. This year has been a whirlwind of success for me and it’s thanks to  Rebecca and her guidance!

Jocelyn Polce

August Oliver Interiors

Hello, instant gratification.

When you join Designer’s Room today, you gain immediate access to our Video Vault of past content *snaps fingers* just like that.

So dive in, press play on the first video, and get started tonight! Or next week. Or next month. 

That’s the beauty of it – you get to decide. You’re the boss! And with over 2 years worth of coaching call replays at your fingertips, you’ll have exactly what you need.

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Pay Annually

$1,397 USD

This option is for someone who is serious about long-term growth in their business and loves to take advantage of a GREAT deal. By enrolling in an annual membership, you’ll not only get the best price, but you’ll also unlock special perks.

All of what’s included in our monthly membership subscription

Plus you’ll receive these extra perks just for our annual members:

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Pay Monthly

$127 USD

This option is for interior designers who know success is just around the corner ) even if they haven’t seen the big bucks… YET!)…

And are eager to take advantage of a lower entry point and enroll in the community of like-minded individuals that will offer the support necessary to grow their business fast, and live the life they dreamed of.

Plus you’ll receive these each month:

Live group coaching call with Rebecca and professional Guests

Live Hot Seat + Q&A call to get your specific questions answered

Exclusive early bird access to events

Private Facebook Group for Community and Accountability

Access to our VIDEO VAULT with past coaching calls to answer all of your burning questions

Member Shares – where designers share their resources with the group

Opportunity to become a POP Ambassador and Affiliate

Opportunity to book ONE on ONE coaching call with Rebecca


No buyer’s remorse here! You can cancel your membership at any time… even though you probably  won’t want to

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