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4 easy ways to increase your revenue as an interior designer

4 easy ways to increase your revenue as an interior designer

Do you feel like you need more experience under your belt before you can make more money?

That’s a myth.

Making more money in your design business doesn’t require years of experience. If you want to stop feeling underpaid & grow your business now, you need to make some changes in your business. Pricing your design services may feel like an art. But these are a few simple ideas that you can implement in the meantime to start making more money right away and grow that confidence. 


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Thank you Rebecca for your guidance and all your great tips over the last months! I attended a webinar where Rebecca shared one of her free guides. I have since implemented this into my business practice. I gained new clients because of this. They were impressed when I met them and had guidelines in place to give them.


I used to get all excited and start doing up kitchen designs, quoting, etc. before securing them. Now they get a ballpark estimate and my ideas only for the paid consultation.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us!

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