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Work With Me

They don’t teach you what it takes to run a business in design school.

Work With Me

They don’t teach you what it takes to run a business in design school.

Pricing with Confidence

This brand new self-paced course is the complete blueprint to calculating your design fee with confidence. Our first evergreen, bite-sized course for interior design professionals that answers that big question… How much should I charge?  Dive in and binge this course to start making more money today

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Power of Process


If you want more time and structure to your days without feeling pulled in multiple directions, this is the course for you.  This course has been a game-changer for over 200 Interior Design professionals so far.  Power of Process is a step-by-step guide to regaining control of your business & creating raving fan clients. Save your spot for the next 6-week session as space is limited. 

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Designers Room

This Annual membership is available exclusively to the alumni of Power of Process. Imagine you had a team of like-minded designers around you who were constantly cheering for you to succeed, giving you feedback and new ideas. After POP as you continue on your process creation journey you’ll have questions, you’ll want answers, and you’ll need to troubleshoot tricky situations and that’s what Designers Room is for. Enrollment opens twice a year to POP alumni.


I created online courses for designers just like you.

When I finally got my first real job as a design assistant I learned how little I knew about business. I was overwhelmed, continually second-guessing myself, fell deep into comparison traps, and had a persistent sense that I wasn’t good enough.

Then luckily I found a community that supported me and I invested in e-learning and self-development. I taught myself all the marketing and process tips and tricks on the internet and through trial and error started to see traction. So now I’m passionate about helping other interior design professionals become successful and achieve entrepreneurial freedom. I help creative entrepreneurs build confidence and streamline their business, taking them from chaos to coordinated. Guess what, you don’t have to work around the clock to attract the right clients and make more money, all you need is the proper systems and tools to up-level your business!

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